Our mission statement is based on the understanding that everyone who is in need - regardless of origin and personal situation - not only has the right to help and support, but above all the right to access the helping, supportive and promotional offers of our district. Our aim is to be efficient, networked, flexible, to approach those seeking help on an equal footing and with respect, to break down access barriers and to provide help for self-help. Our district offers a broad network of support and advice services, as well as a large potential of volunteers. Our major goal is to become active, to mobilize our own and community-oriented resources and to do what is possible in our personal sphere of influence, regardless of political interests, in order to alleviate injustice and social hardship. Strengthening community spirit in our district, promoting cohesion in difficult times and growing together - that's where we want to go - together with you. 

This includes in detail: 

  • Information transfer Clearing (DETERMINATION OF RESOURCES, WHAT is the problem, HOW can a solution be found, WHERE can I get support, WHO is my contact person, WHEN do I do WHAT, joint creation of a help plan), 
  • Pilot activity in the charitable and voluntary support network of the district uncomplicated and quick provision of first aid in securing one's livelihood and access to the healthcare system 
  • Official pilot (under construction) 
  • Family sponsorships (under construction) 
  • Supervision of volunteers (under construction) 
  • Café Wertvoll - regular volunteer meetings (under construction)