Annual Report Ukraine Aid Dettelbach


Annual report

The district of Kitzingen has taken in about 1016 refugees since the war in Ukraine, according to a press report in the MainPost of Nov. 29, 2022. The proportion of women is 66 percent. Of the 1016

people were 641 over 18 years, in addition there were 375 children and

adolescents. Of these, 111 were under the age of six.

Our work as volunteer integration guides in the city of Dettelbach began on 14.04.2022.

With the cut-off date of 15.11.2022, the following information can be given according to the extract from the register of the residents' registration office.

Dettelbach took in 194 Ukrainian refugees, the majority of which were based on temporary occupancy of the

Pelikan Hotel Mainfrankenpark Dettelbach refugee reception center.

123 people have since moved, 47 of whom have moved to the ConneKT Park refugee shelter.

13 persons have returned to Ukraine, 2 others to Ireland.

71 persons are still in Dettelbach and districts as of the cut-off date. This corresponds to 7% of the total influx into the district, which is accounted for by Dettelbach alone.

Age structure:

19 persons are younger than 18 years

6 children are younger than 6 years

2 persons are in the approximate retirement age.

Ukrainehilfe Dettelbach works in a network with other independent relief

aid organizations such as SimplyHelp, Kitzingen hilft, Flüchtlingshilfe an der Mainschleife, GemeinSinn Kitzingen and the wirKT project:

Landsleute helfen Landsleuten of the AWO and the integration pilot of the LK Kitzingen (from May 2022). Meetings and working groups were also held with representatives of the Kitzingen Foreigners Authority. Further networking took place with the family support center.

Field of activity of the Ukrainehilfe Dettelbach

Support and advice in filling out applications

Providing information about help offers and structures concerning family and social issues in Dettelbach and the district of Kitzingen, the Free State of Bavaria and the Federal Ministry for Refugees and Migration.


Social legal advice in the area of SGB II (ALG II), SGB XII (social assistance), SGB V (health insurance), SGB IX (integration), AsylbLg (asylum assistance)

Housing agency

Intermediation of interpreters

Communication with job center, energy provider, landlord

Employment agency

Development and maintenance of the online help service

Establishment and maintenance of the donation warehouse in the Frankenhalle Dettelbach

Procurement and transport of furniture and other goods for the establishment of a household.

Advice on the German (Bavarian) health and school system

Recruitment of further volunteers

Help for self-help