Voluntary aid organizations in Würzburg


Time and again, we also receive requests from the Würzburg district for support and assistance in emergency situations. Today, we would therefore like to point out two organizations that also provide excellent voluntary help in the area of emergency care.

Aktive Hilfe e.V. is an association made up of people from various professional groups who are socially involved on a voluntary basis. The offer of support takes effect when it is necessary to eliminate the worst emergency conditions (immediate help), when frail and helpless people need quick help, when families, seniors and single people have lost their homes and when official agencies can no longer help.

Luftschloss is a free store, carries a completely free assortment and is aimed at ecologically conscious people, people with too little storage space, people with a small cash budget and anyone else who does not yet feel addressed. According to the recycling principle, everyone can bring usable things (that are whole, functional and clean) and everyone can take usable things - of course for free!