Simply Help at Main Post


On 11.01.2023, an article appeared in the Main Post about the volunteer organization Simply Help and DIKEA, the donation warehouse and clothing exchange market in the Frankenhalle Dettelbach. We thank the author for this report. Nevertheless, we would like to clarify 3 things again:1. We are grateful to the city of Dettelbach, its employees including @Matthias Bielek for their great support. It gives the impression to the reader that the city of #Dettelbach is "kicking us out", which is in no way the case. As long as it is possible for the Bauhof in any way and the need is still great, we will find a common way. The City of Dettelbach has played a large part in making Simply Help what it is today. 2. it was not our intention to have a portrait made of my husband and me and thus put us in the foreground, but to start a call for more volunteers who want to participate in the joint project. 3. it is still important for us to emphasize that the sustainability project and support offer is open to EVERYONE, even if it originally arose from the Ukraine Aid.